Touchmark Strong Champions

Touchmark Champions are team members who exemplify making smart decisions in all aspects of their lives to protect residents and their fellow team members.

Touchmark on Saddle Drive

915 Saddle Dr Helena, MT 59601


Tammy Jones

Tammy has been a dedicated CNA at Touchmark on Saddle Drive for nearly five years. She has been instrumental in providing compassionate and vital care to residents since the pandemic began and is someone her coworkers can always rely on. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • Exercise, stay hydrated, and keep positive. My motto is, “Can I make a difference?” Then I go home and put my feet up.
  • I see others who count on me, and I need to take care of myself. The residents count on me.
  • I try to be a good role model, and people look up to me. Residents, nurses, and my family members compliment me.
  • I think to myself, “How would I like to be treated?” Be respectful and always care.

“Make a difference and choose to do the right thing. Go the extra mile, don’t complain, and get to work. Be a team player.” 

Touchmark Strong Champion: Tammy Jones
Touchmark Strong Champion: Laurie House

Laurie House

Laurie works at Touchmark on Saddle Drive as a Life Enrichment/Wellness Assitant. She has used her creativity and positive attitude to continue enriching the lives of residents and her teammates alike. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • I follow the guidelines at work and in my personal time by wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer often, and being aware of social distancing when out in public.
  • My main motivation is to keep the residents and other vulernable folks safe and healthy.
  • I hope I set a good example as well as promote overall health and wellness.
  • Integrity is the motivator for me. The people in our care and their familiies trust that we are taking the proper precautions to ensure the safety and health of the residents. I also follow the state, county, city, and Touchmark mandates that are in place for a reason. It is up to all of us to follow these guidelines to get back to a "normal" life.

“Everyone has been struggling in one way or another these past few months. We need to practice kindness and understanding every day.”

Kris Billington

Kris works at Touchmark on Saddle Drive as a Kitchen Coordinator. He is known for his positive attitude and willingness to help his teammates and the residents with whatever they may need. When asked what actions he takes to keep himself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, he says:

  • During this time, my family and I started doing more activities outside and away from other people. This helped us grow as a family, and in return, we had more one-on-one interactions with each other. We also committed to social distancing and wearing masks in public.
  • The number one thing that motivates me to stay healthy is being safe so I can keep working and help other teammates and residents through this tough time.
  • By following the guidelines, I have been able to stay healthy and not miss work. This helps my teammates so they aren’t so stressed.
  • Teamwork is the value I consider when making safe decisions. I’ve seen in our community during shutdown when a team member would call out, and it would send the whole day and other teammates into a long and stressful day or shift.

“Stay positive even if there seems to be no end in sight. We are starting to see the end coming slowly, though. With restrictions lifting, we still need to be careful but also embrace the feeling of freedom when those are lifted.”

Touchmark Strong Champion: Kris Billington
Touchmark Strong Champion: Diane Gilbert

Diane Gilbert

Diane has been a steadfast presence of compassion at Touchmark on SaddleDrive since she was hired in 2012. She works as a CNA and can always be counted on to provide exceptional care to all residents. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleages safe, she says:

  • I believe it is important to take care of my health by receiving my COVID-19 vaccination, getting plenty of rest, and eating healthy. Stress can be a big part of caring for a large retirement community, so I try to alleviate my stress by sticking to  a routine and getting outdoors with my husband.
  • We are extended family members, my coworkers and I, as well as the residents. I believe it is important to take care of myself so I can bettercare for others. I also try to be healthiest I can be so I can enjoy life with my husband and family members.
  • As I stated previously, maintaining my own health allows me to bettercare for others and be contributing Touchmark team member.
  • "I am a Giver." I make sure that I consider each resident's safety in every decision I make regarding their care and medication assistance. 

“Always remember that teamwork is vital.”

Fe Harris

Fe has been working at Touchmark on Saddle Drive as a Housekeeper since 2016. She always comes to work with an uplifting attitude and is dedicated to brightening the days of residents and her teammates. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • I’ve always endeavored to maintain a clean atmosphere at home and work. I realize others prefer being around people who practice cleanliness. I enjoy working in a professional uniform and appreciate my fellow coworkers doing the same.
  • I feel my personal pride extends to my housekeeping services. I always start with my clean-house checklist, which includes sanitizing, taking care of garbage, etc. I’ve always liked a well-organized workplace and strive to maintain it or make improvements whenever possible.
  • I like to lead by example and believe if all would regularly observe Touchmark Values, others would see daily benefits to all, including residents, staff, and employees.

“Always be polite, hospitable, and ready to listen!”

Touchmark Strong Champion: Fe Harris