Touchmark Values at Touchmark Central Office in Beaverton, Oregon

Touchmark Values & Mission

Touchmark has been serving people since 1980 and now shares our mission and values among approximately 2,500 team members who spend their days delighting more than 3,000 residents. Touchmark’s core values—Excellence, Teamwork, Hospitality, Integrity, and Compassion—are the building blocks Touchmark uses to reach its mission: To enrich people’s lives.

Our values and mission are celebrated daily during stand-up meetings that include every team member across the company.

These values were created by Touchmark team members who work in our communities every day. Whether you want to work with us or live with us, these values should speak to you. If they do, know that there is a spot ready and waiting for you at Touchmark.

Touchmark Central Office in Beaverton, Oregon values

Touchmark Values

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