Assisted Living & Enhanced Assisted Living

Our private, spacious assisted living homes are always close to Touchmark team members who provide reassuring personal care and health services support. The special difference in our assisted living program is the thorough assessment of each individual’s needs and preferences. No two residents are exactly alike with the same needs, and you only pay for the care you need via our personalized care-points system. This is why we work with you to develop a customized care plan that is frequently evaluated and adapted as needed. Health services and caregiving assistance are tailored to support you at your highest level of independence.

Touchmark at Emerald Lake


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Assisted Living

In Touchmark’s assisted living neighborhoods, we work with you to develop a customized care plan that is frequently evaluated and adapted as needed, so you only pay for the care you require via our personalized care-points system. From assistance with dressing and grooming to a dietary consultation to transportation, residents get the specific support they need and deserve.

  • Three daily chef-prepared meals
  • Changing of bed linens or flat-linen laundry
  • Housekeeping services
  • Licensed nurses, 24-hour trained caregiving staff, full-time resident care manager, and coordinator
  • In-depth initial assessment to determine resident’s negotiated service plan
  • Recurring assessments and scheduled care conference


Enhanced Assisted Living

For residents needing greater support, Touchmark offers a higher staff-to-resident ratio in our smaller home-like Claremont neighborhood. A key feature of the Claremont neighborhood is its customizable nature. Residents spend time in their private homes when they want to and socialize with others over meals or other activities. Residents in this neighborhood are afforded proximity to the core of what’s happening in the community at any given time, and highly-qualified team members who can provide the assistance needed are present 24 hours a day so that you or your loved one can rest assured and simply enjoy the many amenities provided.

  • Three daily meals served family-style and snacks
  • Housekeeping, laundry, bedmaking, daily tidying, garbage removal
  • Utilities including electricity, water, sewer, garbage, basic cable, and

“I am so pleased with the services I receive in the community. The meals are fantastic, and the variety of food is incredible. Additionally, the housekeepers, care team, and maintenance staff go out of their way to help you. They are efficient, timely, and always willing to assist you when they can. I am very appreciative of them all.”

– Albert Kocis, Touchmark on West Century resident

Centralized Nursing Support

Licensed nurses overseen by the Clinical Services team at the Touchmark Central Office are on-call to support your local nursing team between 5 pm and 5 am every day.

These team members are:

  • Trained in evaluative care as well as all Touchmark policies and procedures
  • Licensed in all states where Touchmark communities are located
  • Equipped to advise and provide direct recommendations for staff on-site when community nurses are unavailable
  • Available for phone and video consultations with team members and residents as needed
  • In regular communication with the Health Services team in each community
  • Compiling data and performing audits to improve quality assurance
  • Able to access each community’s EMAR system

Our goal is to provide more comprehensive nursing coverage for residents and reduce community team member stress. Community contacts/nurses remain a vital part of this process. Any after-hours support is conveyed to local nurses to assist with continuously coordinated care, and local nurses are available should the need arise.