Touchmark Strong Champions

Touchmark Champions are team members who exemplify making smart decisions in all aspects of their lives to protect residents and their fellow team members.

Touchmark Central Office

5150 SW Griffith Drive Beaverton, OR 97005


Mary Samp

Mary is the receptionist of Touchmark’s Central Office, and she has been with our company for nearly 20 years. During the pandemic, Mary has been holding down the fort as the majority of TCO team members are currently working off-site. She has been steadfast in her duty to facilitate smooth operations so team members across Touchmark can continue to do their work efficiently. In addition, Mary maintains stringent precautions at work and home to protect those who come to the office. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself and others safe, she says:

  • I wear a mask when I am outside my home and at work and always try to keep a safe distance whenever possible. I try not to be complacent; I make it a point to focus on what my hands have touched while at work or outside my home while also using sanitizer or washing my hands frequently.
  • The thought of me, my husband, or TCO team members possibly getting COVID-19 is a huge concern to me. I took a pledge to make good and safe choices so that those around me can be safe as well. We can’t control others, but we sure have the power to make safe and sound choices to honor those with which we live and work. I strive to do that each day.
  • Being at the front desk at TCO, I am expected to ask any visitor to fill out the COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire and check their temperature. If I didn’t follow through with that, the likelihood of someone entering our building with COVID-19 is high. I love and care about my teammates and will continue to follow protocols to protect them every day.

“Remember that wearing a mask is a way of showing others you care about them. If everyone thought that, then perhaps we would be a lot closer to having victory over COVID-19!”

Touchmark Strong Champion: LaQueta Fuller