Memory Care

Touchmark’s philosophy of care is grounded in fostering whole-person wellness for all—residents, team members, and loved ones. We call our approach {FULL} Life Care for two reasons: it represents the high-quality care residents receive as well as reinforces how we truly care about those we serve.

With needs that are ever-evolving and changing, Touchmark’s Care Program approach ensures team members and residents are always supported by their peers, building upon our knowledge, and growing better together.

Touchmark Central Office

5150 SW Griffith Drive Beaverton, OR 97005


Unique Programming and a Supportive Environment

Touchmark offers over 40 years of experience caring for residents and supporting their families. Committed to serving the needs of people 55 and older since 1980, Touchmark has built a reputation for providing compassionate, tailored services and international award-winning programs.

Our dedicated team can help your family manage the challenges that come with caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or another age-related dementia.

Resident walking with team member.

“Touchmark has developed and implemented a model of care that focuses on empathy and friendship. We are motivated to enrich lives and influence with integrity. Within our memory care program, our specially trained care partners work to discover each resident’s likes, dislikes, and daily routine preferences. The Full Life Care Program™ focuses on each resident’s strengths and pursues creative opportunities for engagement to give them the highest quality of life possible while living at Touchmark.”

- Angela Stewart, Vice President, Clinical Services

Neighborhood Features

  • Person-centered care using the {FULL} Life Care approach
  • Certified {FULL} Life Care environment
  • Homelike neighborhoods with studio homes and private bathrooms
  • Enclosed garden courtyards
  • Licensed nurses including the Touchmark on-call nursing program, which provides centralized nursing support overnight and peace of mind for daytime nursing staff, residents, and families
  • 24-hour staffing
  • Scheduled outings
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Service plans based on personal needs and preferences that are assessed and adjusted frequently as needed
  • Family conferencing and support services including support groups for caregivers
Resident sitting with team member.
Memory Care resident painting with caregiver.

Unique Programming

  • Mind, body, and spirit classes
  • Community partnerships—meaningful connections with the larger community
  • Touchmark Fall Awareness training and frequent assessments
  • Mind & Motion exercise classes
  • Parkinson’s disease awareness training for all team members through Pals for Parkinson’s
  • Poetry Pens creative storytelling events
  • Fragrance in Frames art therapy program
  • Music Moves therapy
  • Life Story project
  • Activity stations and reminiscent therapy
  • Intergenerational opportunities
  • Seasonal and timely celebrations
  • Eldergrow™ indoor gardening program in participating states
  • Validation therapy and Dining with Dignity

Environment Features

The physical appearance of Touchmark’s health services neighborhoods are important pieces of providing Gold Standard-quality care. Touchmark reinvests in its communities through cyclical renovations of our communities, including the memory care neighborhoods.

Not only is it crucial to provide aesthetically pleasing environments for residents for their mental well-being, but these renovation projects also allow Touchmark to continuously improve and increase functionality based on the most current research and data. We use what we’ve learned over our 40+ year history to enhance our health services and stay ahead of industry standards.

Key examples of neighborhood enhancements include:

  • Artwork based on proven psychology for stimulation, memory recall, and wayfinding
  • Activity stations to allow residents to perform tasks that they completed daily throughout their lives
  • Ergonomic furniture for aging persons, down to the seat depth, height, and movement
  • LED lighting for a softer, more soothing lighting aesthetic as well as sustainability
  • Neutral, nature-like flooring and wall colors on the walls and floors to promote a serene environment
Common area at Touchmark community