Colleen at Touchmark Central Office in Beaverton, Oregon

Colleen T. Nistler

Vice Chairperson

Touchmark Central Office

Colleen is Werner G. Nistler, Jr.’s wife, business partner, and Vice Chairman of the Touchmark Board. She began her employment at Touchmark in November 1987 as the company’s Controller, leading numerous accounting systems developments as well as overseeing the business office managers at each of Touchmark’s communities.

She and Werner were married in 1991 and have six children. Colleen returned to Touchmark in 2012 to help oversee accounting conversions and systems. She also helped lead the efforts to form Swede Hills Vineyards, a Pinot Noir vineyard planted in Portland’s West Hills, including organizing and planning the label.

Colleen graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and then attended Portland State University, where she completed a postbaccalaureate program in Accounting followed by completion of the Certified Public Accounting exam.

Colleen enjoys swimming and biking as well as genealogy projects. She has competed in two triathlons and loves to travel.

Colleen T. Nistler from Touchmark Central Office in Beaverton, Oregon with a panda

"Here I am in Chengdu, China in July 2017 with the fluffiest friend I have ever met."

- Colleen T. Nistler

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