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Image of the mandala created by Touchmark residents.

WOW Story: "One Community Mandala"

In August, the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group at Touchmark on West Prospect Retirement Community met in the Art Studio to learn about art therapy and its benefits for relieving symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

Health & Fitness Coordinator Calissa Palches had the idea to make this an interactive topic and asked each member paint a part of a tulip mandala. With the help of creative and crafty Life Enrichment/Wellness Assistant Stacie Henning, she designed the tulip mandala that was 16 separate 10 by 10-inch canvases.

After the canvases were painted and put together, they became the “One Community Mandala.” This mandala is now located in the front lobby with a plaque that reads: “The artists of the mandala are affiliated with the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group at Touchmark on West Prospect. Each artist painted one portion of the mandala. When placed together, it represents one community working together to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The tulip is a national symbol of hope and optimism for those living with Parkinson’s as well as their families, friends, health care professionals, and researchers.”

Thank you to the team for using creativity in programming and providing a symbol of hope and assurance for residents, family members, and guests.