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Three Essential Oils to Know

Three Essential Oils to Know

Springtime is traditionally a time of cleansing, and there is no reason that this theme should stop with spring cleaning your house. Extend this perspective to your mind and body by incorporating essential oils into your daily routine. While many of us are familiar with common essential oils such as lavender and peppermint, there is a wide array of beneficial blends. Learn about three not-so-common but very useful essential oils and how you can use them:
Geranium essential oil is excellent to add to your medicine cabinet. Because it works on the central nervous system, this oil can be particularly helpful for those with Parkinson’s disease and other disorders related to the nervous system. Geranium oil comes not from the geranium flower but the leaves, stalks, and blossoms of Geranium Robert (lemon plant) and has a unique and pleasing smell all the same. Mix a couple of drops into jojoba or another massage oil for a rejuvenating massage. Geranium oil can also make a great addition to your skincare routine: simply add a drop to your face cream for a glowing complexion. As with all essential oils, make sure to avoid using it too close to the eyes or other mucus membranes.
Rosemary is a common spice, but it is also an effective essential oil that has been used to combat conditions from fatigue and depression to arthritis. Its antiseptic properties make it a great addition to any essential oil collection. Certified organic rosemary oil can also be used during cooking: drop some into your tomato sauce, or mix it with olive oil and use it as a marinade for chicken—yum!
Harvested from the bark and resin of the myrrh tree, which grows in northeastern Africa, myrrh is a powerful oil that can help treat infections, mouth ulcers, bronchitis, and more. An ancient oil that appears in the bible as a perfume and purification anointment, myrrh is truly a time-tested salve. You can apply myrrh oil directly to the skin or blend it with other oils.
Whether you want to freshen your home by diffusing rosemary or are looking to switch up your skincare routine with geranium, there are many effective essential oils that you can employ for physical and emotional health.