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Swing band playing at location

The Swinging Doors: Exemplifying the Spirit of Touchmark through Sound

At Touchmark, we understand that excellence is a choice that must be made each day—and it is one we choose to make enthusiastically. During morning departmental meetings, team members often share stories called WOW or Value in Action stories of exceptional moments or customer services provided to residents, guests, and fellow team members that go above what is expected to touch someone in a way that is special and surprising. Please enjoy this story from our community in Bend, Oregon.

Together with his friends, Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village resident David makes up the band The Swinging Doors. A Touchmark favorite, the group wanted to share their sounds with the greater community, so they connected with a local restaurant to see if they could play. The restaurant usually draws a large crowd during their evening shows, but The Swinging Doors were sure that if they hosted an earlier one, the crowd would be just as big. The restaurant was happy to give it a try, and The Swinging Doors kicked off their performance at 4 pm with a packed house! Since that first concert, they have been invited back monthly for the same 4 pm time slot.  

Residents like David exemplify the Touchmark spirit by redefining social norms that promote The {FULL} Life. Thank you, David and The Swinging Doors! And thanks to our friends at the restaurant who were willing to swing open their door and try something new.