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The “Poly-pill” for Lasting Heart Health

With such busy and complex lives, many of us wish we could simply take one pill to make us healthy and keep our hearts in good physical shape. Touchmark at The Ranch Director of Health & Fitness Nick Brown has a poly-pill solution, it just looks different than you might think. 

Exercise is Medicine 

In lieu of a miracle catch-all pill, a regular weekly exercise routine with the right elements can give you all the benefits you’re looking for. Here’s are the aspects and benefits of an ideal workout regimen: 

At least two weekly workouts that incorporate cardiovascular exercise and strength-training 

We all need to be moving more, but at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise twice weekly is a good starting point to reap the health benefits. Increasing that to three or four times per week will amplify the good results you’re seeing and feeling. 

Combining cardiovascular exercise and strength training 

Most of us are familiar with cardio exercise, which can include walking, running, biking, swimming, and other activities that get our heart rate up. Regular cardio work increases the size of the spaces in your heart (atrium ventricles) so you can pump more blood to all parts of your body in fewer heartbeats. 

What many people might not be aware of is that strength training is also crucial for heart function. When you increase muscle size and strength, your heart gets stronger, meaning it takes less work for your heart to pump blood. Together, cardio and strength work make for a more efficient heart, which supports all the other organs in the body.  

Increasing muscle mass promotes better metabolism, so you’re burning more calories even in a resting position. 

How It All Works Together 

Regular exercise can help with depression, anxiety, and sleep loss symptoms, improve weight management, lower cholesterol, and all other metabolic disorders. Getting these conditions under control contributes to a healthier heart because it doesn’t have to work as hard.  

Want to get one-on-one workout assistance? Contact your local Touchmark community to ask about personal training services for those ages 50+!