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Surprise: A Wedding Celebration at Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village

Surprise: A Wedding Celebration at Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village

At Touchmark, we understand that excellence is a choice that must be made each day—and it is one we choose to make enthusiastically. During morning departmental meetings, team members often share stories called WOW or Value in Action stories of exceptional moments or customer services provided to residents, guests, and fellow team members that go above what is expected to touch someone in a way that is special and surprising. Please enjoy this story from Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village.

Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village residents Bob and Betty have lived at Touchmark for 17 years. When Resident Services Manager Dee heard they could not attend their granddaughter's wedding in Mexico, she came up with a plan to host a surprise wedding reception for the newlyweds so Bob and Betty could participate. To make the occasion even more special, the team worked with their family to surprise the couple. Bob and Betty thought they were going out to lunch with their daughter, but instead, they were escorted into the courtyard to see their entire family. Betty cried tears of joy as she hugged each family member.

The culinary team prepared a Mexican buffet, and Pastry Chef Tiffany created a beautiful wedding cake. Other team members helped by providing music, photos, toasts, cake cutting skills, and a rose petal shower. The family shared stories sprinkled with laughter and tears. Bob and Betty, high school sweethearts, have been married for over 70 years and offered their advice to their granddaughter and her new spouse: "To say I love you before you go to bed every night, no matter what."

In a thankyou note, Betty wrote, "How does one say thanks for the beautiful party you all put together for our family? The love and gratitude shown to us were more than we deserve. I know many in the background helped in this great surprise. Please pass our thanks on to all." It was all our pleasure, Bob and Betty! We're so glad you could celebrate with your loved ones!