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National Men’s Health Month: Gaining Awareness and Achieving Results

National Men’s Health Month: Gaining Awareness and Achieving Results

June is National Men’s Health Month, a month dedicated to bringing awareness to the health issues facing men around the world. Many men don’t prioritize their physical and mental health, which accounts for a higher rate of certain preventable conditions among men. In addition to environmental and genetic factors, the passage of time plays a big role in men’s health and wellness. As we age, our bodies change. While some aging-related changes are inevitable, it's also true that you can take measures to improve the way you feel as you age. Learn about how one Touchmark resident prioritized his health and how you can too.
Touchmark at The Ranch resident Don is an excellent example of the benefits that can come from being mindful of your health and taking conscious efforts to improve it. He’s always been interested in health and fitness, and used to swim seven days a week for a half an hour. But during a move that interrupted his regular routine, he says he found himself gaining weight and realized it was time to do something about it.
With the help of a personal trainer at Touchmark, Don was able to set goals for his fitness journey. These goals included resuming a daily exercise regimen, being able to exercise long into the coming years, and losing some weight. Don worked on many different aspects of his health in order to achieve these ends. He incorporated more healthful foods into his diet, and worked on both cardio and strength training.
His hard work paid off: after a few months of exercise, Don noticed an improvement in the way his neck and spine felt, two parts of his body that had been giving him trouble before he began working with his personal trainer. He says, “Without [the exercises], doctors would’ve had me keep going to physical therapy and if that didn’t work (and it wasn’t), I would’ve needed an operation.”
Working with a personal trainer is an excellent way to improve your health and wellbeing, but it is not the only way. You can also achieve results independently. Once you determine your health goals, you can take steps to reach them, such as by walking more, stretching after getting up in the morning, or incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Remember that healthy living is a journey, not a destination, and just like Don, you’ll be able to reach your goals over time and with dedication.