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Making the Move

Making the Move

Making a move to a retirement community can be stressful, and that's especially true the longer you've lived in a place. Not only can it be emotionally challenging to make a home in a new environment, it can also be physically demanding—packing is never fun! Fortunately, there are ways you can set yourself up for success no matter when or where you move. Here's how to make the most of a move and make your new house a home:


  • Create a plan. When you have a plan of attack, it is easier to succeed. Create a timeline for your move so that every step is laid out on a calendar. This will make it easier to visualize the many moving parts and help you keep track of what is happening.
  • Free yourself up to enjoy the excitement of making a move by hiring people to help you do it. Some communities like Touchmark offer assistance finding reputable movers in your area who can help ease the strain of moving.
  • Getting settled in a new place can take some time. Minimize your adjustment period by setting aside a box of decorations from your old house to unpack first at your new one. While you are still unpacking the bulk of your belongings, you will already have some familiar items to make you feel at home. These items might be framed pictures or special china—whatever speaks to you!
  • They say that home is where the heart is, and the heart is where your friends and family are. Make new friends faster by taking full advantage of the activities hosted in your community. Not quite ready to dive into a new activity? Try asking your neighbor out for a walk or coffee to get to know them. Having a friendly face that you recognize can make a tremendous difference as you start to settle in. Some retirement communities offer events or meetings specifically for new residents, which is another great way to get connected and start making friends.


It's hard to make significant adjustments in life and to restructure your days and social interactions. By decorating your home with your favorite keepsakes and memories and by taking advantage of new opportunities to socialize, you can reduce the time it takes to make your new house—or apartment—a home!