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Making Meaning in Memory Care

Making Meaning in Memory Care

For those caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s or other dementia illnesses, the day-to-day can be challenging. It is hard to see your loved one feel disoriented and determine the best way to help them. That’s why Touchmark has developed different programs to help residents living in memory care. These simple but effective methods can provide tremendous benefits to those in memory care and those that love them.
The goal of memory care is to enable individuals to feel their best, and this often means minimizing the use of psychotropic medications, which can affect moods and perceptions both in negative and positive ways. Using essential oils is one way to achieve some of the benefits of prescription medications without potential side effects. In clinical studies, lavender, lemon balm, bergamot, and rosemary essential oils have helped support memory, sleep, cognition, and fight depression. If you’ve ever walked into your childhood home and been struck by the familiar scent, or perhaps visited the ocean and have the briny air bring you back to beach trips past, you’ve experienced a bit of the power behind Fragrance in Frames, Touchmark’s unique and award-winning program for those in memory care.
According to Wendy Schrag, RN, Vice President of Clinical Services for Touchmark, “Fragrance in Frames allows residents to be creative and expressive through an art program enhanced through the use of aromatherapy oils. Oils can be tailored to create a desired outcome, which has a direct effect on residents’ moods and behaviors.” Touchmark’s Fragrance in Frames program also incorporates another therapeutic activity: painting. Though it can be challenging to help those will memory loss maintain interest in activities or feel accomplished when finishing tasks, having a variety of different activities to help stimulate the brain is an impactful way to help them achieve that goal. Those with memory loss can come alive when given the opportunity to explore their creativity in a structured but undemanding environment.
By creating a caring community where memory care residents, staff, and family members can benefit from activities and interactions, Touchmark is able to give those with dementia illnesses the ability to live a {FULL} life. Call us today to learn more.