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Resident paintings on display

Creativity in the Community: Resident Art on Display

At Touchmark, we understand that excellence is a choice that must be made each day—and it is one we choose to make enthusiastically. During morning departmental meetings, team members often share stories called WOW or Value in Action stories of exceptional moments or customer services provided to residents, guests, and fellow team members that go above what is expected to touch someone in a way that is special and surprising. Please enjoy this story from our community in Bismarck, North Dakota.

In addition to being a positive team player, Ronya, an attendant at Touchmark on West Century, helped add a lasting and meaningful pop of color to the community.

When the walls of the cafe were painted recently, Ronya felt that new decor to match the updated color scheme was needed. Thinking creatively, Ronya enlisted the help of the Life Enrichment/Wellness team and came up with an idea to showcase a recent art project residents had participated in.

The team framed residents’ canvas paintings and hung them in the cafe. Now the space is not only a space to socialize with friends—it's a place to be inspired.