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Image of Touchmark residents in their choir singing at Kirkwood Mall in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Arts for the Soul


The advent of a new year is always a catalyzing event that causes us to look toward the future. Many are making various resolutions to be healthier and, hopefully, happier. In terms of becoming the happiest people, consider pursuing hobbies and activities that feed the soul.

Unifying voices

At all Touchmark communities, residents are engaging with the arts in their own ways. Many have choir groups that sing on their campuses as well as out in public spaces. In Fargo, North Dakota, choir members have sung at the Fargo Theatre. Recently, choir members from Bismarck, North Dakota, used their talent to promote a local toy drive at the Kirkwood Mall.

When brushes meet canvases

Elsewhere, residents are creating an array of beautiful paintings and drawings. For many, they have discovered a talent they didn’t know they had. By tapping talented team members or bringing instructors to the campuses, anyone with a willingness to try can successfully make something from scratch even without prior experience. These events are sometimes accompanied by winetasting and appetizers, stimulating multiple senses at once. Resident Irene Tschider frequently attends “Canvases Uncorked” and creates paintings for her husband. She says, "They're not the best paintings, but they're mine, and now he gets to enjoy them every day."

Leaving it all on the stage

Other residents are finding new voices and passion through acting in plays. Sometimes dramas, other times comedies, but whatever genre they choose for a particular season, they always give it their all. Following the readers theater style of performing and reading from scripts on stage, the emphasis is enjoying the act of performing and having fun without the pressure of having to memorize every line.

All of these artistic pursuits allow us to connect over universal themes, and may even push us out of our comfort zones or incorporate underutilized skills. As you move into the year, we encourage you to find a creative outlet to challenge yourself.