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A WOW Story from Touchmark on West Century

A WOW Story from Touchmark on West Century

At Touchmark, we understand that excellence is a choice that must be made each day—and it is one we choose to make enthusiastically. During morning departmental meetings, team members often share stories called WOW or Value in Action stories of exceptional moments or customer services provided to residents, guests, and fellow team members that go above what is expected to touch someone in a way that is special and surprising. Please enjoy this story from Touchmark on West Century:

One afternoon last March, Centennial Elementary third graders came over to socialize and play games with the residents of Touchmark on West Century. The afternoon was such a success that the community decided to launch a similar program with fourth graders at the same elementary school: students are paired with residents and get to visit them each month and interview them about a particular aspect of their lives. At the end of the year, the students gift these projects to the resident with whom they were partnered.

Months later, the fourth-grade students came over for a meet-and-greet to get to know the residents and enjoy refreshments. When the event was over, the students lined up to go back to school, but three of the kids stayed behind. When asked if there was anything they were waiting for, they replied in unison, “we're waiting to say goodbye to Dick!" The Touchmark team was puzzled: why would these students know Dick, a resident and the Resident Council President?

When Dick arrived, the students ran down the hall to hug him. It turns out they had been the third-grade students who came to visit that one afternoon in March! Dick had made such an impact on them during that visit that they could not wait to see him again. Thanks, Dick, for making such an impact on the lives of the children in the program!