Touchmark Strong Champions

Touchmark Champions are team members who exemplify making smart decisions in all aspects of their lives to protect residents and their fellow team members.

Touchmark at All Saints

111 W 17th St Sioux Falls, SD 57104


LaQueta Fuller

LaQueta works at Touchmark at All Saints as a server on the Dining Services team. A highly dedicated team member, she has made major adjustments in her life to minimize potential exposure. She has altered her hours, workload, and the time spent with her children in order to keep working closely with the residents without worrying about bringing anything harmful into work with her. Additionally, when asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and her fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • This year has not been an easy one for a lot of us. One of the most significant ways I’ve kept myself, family, co-workers, and residents safe was sending my children to their father’s home, as my girls are very high risk. As a mother, I wanted to be with them to keep them healthy and safe, but I also know my coworkers and residents need my diligence more during this time. I also keep a smile on my face, even under my mask.
  • I would say my motivation to do this comes from my heart, but most of all, it comes from my children for allowing me to keep doing what I do best, which is making my co-workers and the residents happy by laughing and smiling every day.
  • Even though I am able to go home every night, I know the residents are missing their family and friends. It makes me push harder to do the best I can at my job.
  • I try to do all three every day (being an Ally, Friend, and Giver), but if I had to pick one, I would say being a Giver most resonates with me.

“Always and forever smile. Even on your bad days, you can make someone else smile.”

Touchmark Strong Champion: LaQueta Fuller
Touchmark Strong Champion: Rachael Mabior

Rachael Mabior

Rachael works as a CNA in the Claremont neighborhood at Touchmark at All Saints. She is described by her teammates as always positive, upbeat, observant, helpful, and dedicated as well as clearly loving all of the residents with whom she interacts daily. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and her fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • Many of my actions have changed after seeing how COVID-19 could affect our Touchmark community and the families of those for whom we care. These actions include limiting my interaction with family/friends outside of work, practicing good hygiene in and outside of work, wearing a mask when I have to go into a social setting, and shopping online versus going to stores if at all possible.
  • Taking these actions has been very easy for me as I love my work and every individual for whom I care. My actions outside of work don’t only affect me, but they affect the residents when we all come to work every day. The germs and sicknesses brought into our  community are from the staff members going in and out, so taking a second to think about what is safe versus unsafe for the residents in our care could potentially save them from becoming ill.
  • These efforts don’t only affect me and my family, but also my Touchmark family. We all have to be considerate of one another as we aren’t sure of underlying conditions each resident, team member, or their loved ones may have.
  • Excellence, Hospitality, Integrity, and Compassion are the Values that most resonate with me. Acting upon these values in my daily life has just become a way of living. When I start each day, I know I will make it excellent and show compassion to each individual with whom I cross paths. Treating others the way I want to be treated as well as approaching them with the warmest welcome to ensure those individuals feel safe, secure, and comfortable with me is important, as you never know the struggles someone may be facing. Hopefully, through my actions, I will improve someone’s day, even if just by the smallest amount.

“Take yesterday’s negatives and make them tomorrow’s positives.”