Touchmark Strong Champions

Touchmark Champions are team members who exemplify making smart decisions in all aspects of their lives to protect residents and their fellow team members.

Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village

19800 SW Touchmark Way Bend, OR 97702


Katrina Keynton

Katrina works as the Life Enrichment/Wellness Assistant at Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village. She is instrumental in keeping residents’ spirits up and engaging them in meaningful ways each day. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • I always make sure I wear my mask whenever I’m not at home, and I’m always careful to social distance when I am around any other people. I’m also very conscious of washing my hands thoroughly whenever I have been out in the community.
  • I love every resident I get the privilege of working with at Touchmark. They motivate me to make smart and responsible choices in my daily life. I also think about making sure my family stays safe and healthy, and that I’m doing everything I can to keep them safe as well.
  • I feel like if I set a good example for the residents and my neighbors, they might be more inclined to do the same. Being socially responsible during this time is everyone’s duty, and I am happy to do my part in making sure the people in my life are safe.
  • The Touchmark Values I resonate with most at this time are Teamwork and Integrity. Keeping our loved ones safe is a team effort, and I am proud to be a team player. I think it shows others in your life how far you are willing to go, and how much you care about their safety and well-being.
  • We will get through this together!

“If you are willing to stand up and set an example, that shows a lot of integrity.”

Touchmark Strong Champion: Katrina Keynton
Touchmark Strong Champion: Veasna Pearson

Veasna Pearson

Veasna works as a Housekeeper at Touchmark at Mount Bachelor Village. She is always encouraging positivity and setting an example with her compassionate and caring attitude. When asked what actions she takes to keep herself, residents, and fellow colleagues safe, she says:

  • I keep my body and house clean, and I make the decision to stay at home when I can. I have also made about 100 masks for everyone to use.
  • I love everybody here and want to keep them safe and healthy. This is my motivation each day.
  • Staying home and keeping clean helps the community from getting and spreading the virus.
  • The Touchmark Value that resonates most with me during this time is Compassion.

“Don’t judge; encourage and help people!”