Flood Updates For Touchmark at Harwood Groves in Fargo, North Dakota

Touchmark making plans for possible spring flooding

March 6, 2020

The health and safety of Touchmark staff, residents, and visitors are always of utmost importance. This is why we monitor changing conditions and take appropriate actions and precautions, whether it is addressing the outbreak of the coronavirus or potential flooding in the city and surrounding area.

Because Fargo is situated along the Red River, flooding has occurred over the years, and Touchmark is well-practiced at implementing flood procedures, including planning for an evacuation should that become necessary.

Since March 1, the river level has been rising slowly but steadily. Today, it is slightly more than 15½ feet. City plans call for taking action when the river reaches 17 feet. Road closures begin at 18 feet.

Many variables affect whether there will be severe flooding; however, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has said a major flood risk is likely this spring along the Red River Valley. This is due to the wettest fall on record and an abundance of winter snow.

We are closely monitoring the changing conditions and attending the city’s flood-planning meetings. We have begun implementing our detailed emergency flood plan. Already, we have held information meetings with residents and staff and distributed a document sharing answers to frequently asked questions.

We distributed forms to residents and families of residents living in memory care neighborhoods to gather information about where residents would be going if evacuation becomes necessary: Would they be staying with family/friends or evacuating with us?

Most of those forms have been returned, and we now can begin planning transportation needs and where we would evacuate.

We will post updates on this site as our plans develop, and we know more about flood conditions.