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Touchmark Life Enrichment & Wellness


Partnering with Touchmark residents to identify their needs, passions, and unique abilities—then working together to bring these elements to life—is the core of Touchmark’s Full Life program.


People at every age and stage of ability wish to remain productive, contributing members of their community. Touchmark’s award-winning Full Life program identifies and then focuses on the strengths, skills, needs, interests, and goals of each person living in a Touchmark community. Our program mission is to encourage and fully support residents in living happier, healthier lifestyles. Partnering with Touchmark, residents become personally involved and engaged and take ownership of their own goals and well-being.

Want to have a busy life? Click here for an example of one of our communities Full Life Calendars.

General Principles

  • All residents have abilities that need to be identified and nurtured.
  • Meaningful wellness programs provide purpose and nurture individuals’ self-esteem.
  • Meaningful activity is a basic right of every Touchmark resident.
  • Activities must be appropriate to the skills, talents, and interest of the resident.
  • Ongoing assessment and observation ensure offerings are appropriate and enjoyable for residents.
  • Structured and appropriate offerings are offered to residents receiving assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing services.
  • Residents’ skills and interests change over time.
  • All staff are wellness staff.
  • The success of the program is measured by the participation and enjoyment of each resident.