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Frequently Asked Questions

Touchmark has been serving people since 1980 when Werner G. Nistler, Jr. founded the company. He continues to serve as CEO today, providing more than 35 years of leadership-tenure rarely seen in the retirement-living industry.

Following are the most frequent questions we're asked.

Q: How long has the company been in business?
A: Touchmark has been serving people since 1980, when Werner G. Nistler, Jr., founded the company. He continues to serve as CEO today, providing more than 35 years of leadership—tenure rarely seen in the retirement-living industry.

Q: What is the company’s mission?
A: Touchmark’s values include service, integrity, compassion, teamwork, and excellence. They are the building blocks Touchmark uses to reach its ultimate mission—To enrich people's lives. Many companies focus a mission around residents, which is certainly important. Touchmark’s mission includes residents, staff, and everyone with whom team members interact.

Q: What are the staff qualifications?
A: The training of many Touchmark team members exceeds industry practices and regulatory requirements. Touchmark University provides ongoing, rigorous instruction. For example, Touchmark retirement counselors and Life Enrichment/Wellness directors participate in monthly sessions as well as company-wide annual workshops. Team members providing memory care and assisted living services are schooled in Touchmark’s person-centered care.

Q: Has the company received any awards?
A: Touchmark has earned many awards and accolades for its architecture and Full Life Wellness & Life Enrichment Program™. National and international organizations have recognized Touchmark, including the National Association of Home Builders, National Council on Aging, International Council on Active Aging®, Health Promotion Institute, Falls Free™ Coalition, and others.

Q: How does the company support residents’ health?
A: Today, the benefits of regular physical and mental activity are undisputed. For this reason, each Touchmark community offers a variety of physical fitness options, including Stepping Out walking groups; NuStep, cardiovascular, and strength-training equipment; and various classes to promote physical activity. Several communities also offer personal training by certified specialists. In addition, Touchmark provides in-depth training and classes to support a healthy brain. Many team members are certified as Geriatric Wellness instructors and lead the beneficial Brain Builders class.

Q: Does the company do anything to prevent residents from falling?
A: Among older adults, falls are the number-one cause of loss of independence, fractures, hospital admissions, and deaths from injury. This is why Touchmark developed its Fall Reduction and Awareness Program. This innovative program was one of 10 national programs identified in 2007 by the Falls Free™ Coalition for creative programs and practices in home assessment and modification that can reduce home hazards. Touchmark’s program was the only one selected in any state where Touchmark is located. Through a variety of assessments, classes, and individual work, the Touchmark program enhances residents’ balance and mobility, thus reducing the risk of falls.

Q: Does the staff recommend the company’s services to their own family members?
A: Many parents of Touchmark team members live in a Touchmark community.

Q: Does the company sponsor community-service organizations?
A: Touchmark created the Touchmark Foundation to further advance its mission to seniors. The foundation is a501(c)(3) public charity, which offers scholarships to nursing students and makes grants to improve the physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual lives of seniors. In addition, each Touchmark community builds relationships with and supports the work of various nonprofit organizations, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Loaves & Fishes, and many others.

Q: Can the company provide resources about retirement issues?
A: Touchmark employs professionals whose primary job is to be a local resource for adults 55-plus and their families. These retirement counselors are available to help people assess their needs and explore their options. They work with families to figure out an affordable way for people to live full lives.